Huawei better than Iphone and samsung?

Which one is better? iPhone, Samsung or Huawei

Which one is better? iPhone, Samsung or Huawei

We live our lives around mobile phones in the modern world thus the thought of going without one would lender most individuals helpless. Despite our busy schedules, mobile phones helps us connect with the world around us

When shopping for a phone, we look for one that will take great picures, play games, help us communicate with our family and family over different apps, keep up with social media platforms, manage our cash and most importantly, never run of battery.

Choosing the right brand will get you the perfect phone so lets see which phone brand is better between iPhone, Samsung and Huawei. In the worlds best mobile companies list, Samsung comes first, Apple second as Huawei takes the 3rd spot.


Steve Jobs has ensured that iPhone remains amongst the main trend setters in the mobile industry. He and his team make sure that with every technology advancement, iPhone gets taller, slimmer and powerful than its previous version.
iPhones continues to set the benchmark for designs and their hardware quality is almost unmatched. Being the only mobile manufacturer that does not use Android, Apple stands out from the crowd.
With the prices iPhones come at, they are used as a status symbol for the rich
When we talk about iPhone X, it's a hello to the future situation. It was announced in September 2012 making up Apples 11th generation. It has immersive display and with its intelligence, it responds to a tap, your voice and even a glance at the screen.
iPhone X has the OLED screen which adjusts to lighting conditions to ensure you don't strain your eyes. It does not have a physical button as it uses its flawless face ID feature.


- They have iOS which is a fluid and smooth advanced operating system
- They pack their phones with top quality specifications
- Their sensors are faster and more reliable; the facial recognition sensor is amazing!
- They have software like iCloud that you can use to restore lost data
- Great picture quality and amazing camera and their video quality matches professional cameras
- Fantastic designs made from great quality materials to symbolize the status. They have a great weight to performance ratio


- iPhones are super expensive. They are highly overpriced compared to what their counterparts like Samsung offers
- Apple doesn't provide any extension of storage through any type of SD card so you will be forced to buy a costlier version of the iPhone if you more storage space.
- To date, iPhones provide a 4GB RAM while some Androids provide up to 8GB RAM and at a cheaper price.


There is something for everyone who needs a Samsung phone as the Korean brand produces brilliant phones with different range of prices.

They were the first company to embrace the android operating system that enables users to access millions of applications via google play. In addition, Samsung allows combination of software and advanced computing technologies in mobile phones.

With every innovation, Samsung gives the best hardware - memory, display and cameras on their phones. This have led them to be one amongst the most innovative phone hardware companies across the world. Samsung is also among the first mobile brands to provide fingerprints and heartbeat sensors on their phone.

In 2019 Samsung introduced to the market a truly unique device. The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Reviewers were in awe! It is basically an android tablet that you can fold and carry in your pocket. The Huawei Mate X is the only competition Galaxy Fold is facing.

Go for Samsung if you want a phone with incredible all round capabilities. Coming with standard 5G network, Samsung S20 is undoubtedly a great option.


- Samsung offers the latest technology that can achieve anything a mobile phone can accomplish
- They offer the most beautiful screens; Samsung is renowned as the first mobile company to produce curved screens on their phones
- They have competitive prices


- Expensive for modern technology, S20 is the most expensive model starting at 1,400 US dollars.
- Low battery life considering that smartphones have background applications thereby heavy battery users.
- They frequently release new phones with new trendy designs which means that your latest phone will soon be outdated.


It is impossible to deny that this Chinese company makes some of the most impressive phones in the mobile market.

In the recent past, Huawei has had its most recent flagship phones banned from using google apps which means no play store to download all your favorite apps. However, the Mate 20 series models of 2018 still have access to google play store and they come in very affordable prices.

Huawei announced their foldable Mate X in February 2019. A rival to Samsung's Galaxy Fold. In contrast to Samsung's Galaxy Fold which closes like a book leaving a visible line from the fold, Huawei's Mate X has a flexible OLED screen that folds backwards on itself. Its folding display simply looks amazing! Its only disadvantage is it permanently exposes the rear screen by folding backwards which puts the screen at a risk of damage by keys or coins in your pocket.


- Easy access to all the Chinese apps
- Wireless charging options
- Big phone screen
- Excellent long lasting battery life
- Has a powerful processor
- Their phones come in different color options, designs that stand out
- Overall they make great image quality


- Now that they introduced harmony operating system, users cannot access android applications.
- Their new OS raises security concerns
- They haven't introduced water or dust resistance on their phones
- While other phone brands have 4K60 video recording, Huawei doesn't


When purchasing a smartphone, individuals consider their budgets and technical requirements which most times include the phones specifications.
All said and done, you control your own destiny. It is up to you to decide which brand you want to spend your hard earned money on. Pick a brand that will secure you comfort, makes you happy and avoid regrets of the decision you made in the future.

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